20 April 2009

AIGA-OC: 4th annual student design contest.

AIGA-OC, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, Orange County chapter held its 6th Annual Portfolio Review and 4th Annual Student Design Contest last saturday, april 18th at Chapman University. i arrived with about a half an hour until it ended with shorts and flip flops on. as i walked in, i was surrounded by over 100 students from so cal design programs with portfolios in-hand, dressed to impress, being reviewed by 30 creative professionals from local companies like Y&R Brands, Oakley, Walt Disney Imagineering, Pencilbox Studios and many more (see list of reviewers here). i quietly made my way to the back where the projects for the contest were.

to my surprise, i managed to take Honorable Mention for my Chicago 2016 Campaign that i designed last Fall '08.

The campaign consisted of a logo, poster series, welcome package including event tickets, and temporary tattoos.

i left with a certificate that graced my misspelled name, but they promised to send me a corrected one next week.

to find out more about the contest and a complete list of reviewers, click //here.

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potato said...

Congrats Pee!
Soooo proud of you! Lovin' the ideas....