11 September 2009


projectartschool.blogspot.com is going down for a nap.
projectartschool.com/blog is waking up to new things.

as the PÄS plan rolls out, this blog will be set to the side and all new posts will be made at the new URL: projectartschool.com/blog at that blog, i will blend together the works of pd (primate design), project art school (PÄS), all the progress, process, projects, lessons, events, inspirations, motivations and art involved with the two. it's all a part of the simplifying process.

i'm still working on the PÄS logo and will post ideas to the new blog when they are ready. i would really love some feedback on those. and along with the new logo will come a new web site to carry a consistent brand for PÄS.

as for the renovation of the store, it may not look like a lot has been done, but i can assure you, it took a lot out of me to gut the place. if everything goes well, i'll be ready to move in after next week when the contractors are down building it out. again, follow the progress here: projectartschool.com/blog

this blog will still be online as a resource and archive, however, since there will not be any new posts, i feel it's appropriate to show a shot of this:

ok, now for anything new, visit http://www.projectartschool.com