27 August 2008

project artschool Time Clock.

summer just disappeared this week, but not on a sour note by any means. i had a sweet summer filled with adventure, rest and rejuvenation. today i go back to school for my second semester.

this summer i decided, amongst other outlandish things, that i am going to track my hours spent in the MFA program. i have posted at the top of this blog an ongoing count of the hours spent towards schoolwork and research, school-related functions and meetings, and extra-curricular activities that further the goal towards my MFA.

i am tracking more detailed use of the hours spent and will save that for some interesting tufte-style graphing towards the end of my grad school journey, roughly some time in 2011. also in the works is the project artschool Expense Report, which will essentially track similar details as my time, but in the dollars i've spent. i'm not sure what will make me faint sooner, but both time and money are valuable resources that i'm lending to this program.

and since, once again, this is the journal of my journey i must add my schedule for this semester Fall 2008: Wed_ 483A Special Studies with Drew, Thurs_ 480T History of Graphic Design with Roche, and Fri_ 448 Artists Books with Connie Sasso.

stay tuned for posts on my projects and research for this coming semester, it's gonna be a busy one. and for the final wrap-ups for 2 of my summer projects, olympictograms.com and the relax project proposal.

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