13 April 2009

abbott miller: everybody dance now

if i was somewhat close to new york, i'd be heading over to the AIGA National Design Center to see this show. Everybody Dance Now: 20 Years of Dancing in Print is an exhibit of visual and performing arts magazines Dance Ink and 2wice, designed by Abbott Miller.

somehow, i know it relates to the work i'm doing now.
have a look here: http://www.aiga.org

on another note, i've been pretty stale here on projectartschool.com. mainly because two-thirds of my life has been dominating one-third – school. i'm taking a big fat W in my 503A, grad problems class, simply because i do not have the time to dedicate to it right now. a W is a withdrawal. however, i'm still experimenting with some of the original concepts i started in that class, and as i won't get a semester's credit for it, i will be advancing my research towards a defined thesis topic.

in my other class, now my only credit-seeking class for spring, i'm working on a book that displays 6 decades of influential commercial art in america. it's been a lot of work, but has been very educational and inspirational. i'll be posting some of my progress soon.

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