24 August 2009

project artschool = PÄS

as i seek to simplfy life, i strive to consolidate it's contents which can be very complicated. :) it used to be family + school + work = life. the past 19 months or so i've realized that my plate was much too full. family alone occupies the largest piece of the pie and to throw school on top of work on top of it all is just too much.

i'm consolidating work and school, sorta. i haven't registered for any classes this semester, but instead will open an art store in downtown fullerton. for quite some time it's been an unattainable dream, until now. i've always wanted to be in hospitality or work with people on a retail level. being in school, i've realized some immediate needs for local artists and i'd like to offer them conveniently right here in downtown. i will combine those needs with my work, primate design. and it will all take place at 115 S. Harbor Blvd. as soon as i can get the space presentable.

the space will be called PÄS (pronounced PAUSE). it's an acronym for Project Art School, but it also voices art in general. we should pause to view art, pause in life, smell the flowers, appreciate the details and in my retail environment, i'd like it to mean linger, but move on. it's a place where you stop, but it's not the final destination. it's a place where you find inspiration, then go on to create on your own. a place to think, and ponder ideas. all that in a little word: PÄS.

as mentioned in a previous post, 27 May 2009, i wanted to open an underground art&book supply. well, this is it – only not underground. it's smack dab in the middle of downtown. the idea is to offer the exact supplies the local art professor's are requesting of their students so that they don't have to drive to westminster, irvine or pasadena to get them or pay high shipping costs from buying online.

in addition to catering to students' art supply needs, the space will be used for gallery exhibitions, professional workshops, and simply a place to come for inspiration with a library of art and design publications.

naturally the consolidation of work and school also means i'll be combining the 2 blogs to create one interesting, all-encompassing Art Blog. the look will also change as i work on a new brand for PÄS.

until then, i have a lot of work to do because this is only the beginning...

soon projectartschool.com will not be this blog, but the vision of PÄS. linger in thought.

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Brian Littler said...

Wow Brian. I'm really excited to watch this come to life.