08 February 2009

503A: grad problems 2009: study plan.

i'm taking a slightly different approach with my grad problems study plan. since my professor is very proficient with the Web, i plan to do a couple Web based projects and i hope to learn the basics of CSS while i'm seeking advisement from him.

overall direction: to understand rhythm's role in design. this requires me to seek out rhythm in its most native or obvious vehicle: music. and dance i suppose. (Rhythm – which is not only heard but can be seen in the uniform movements of the dancing crowd.) i plan to do some experimentation with sound and silence in respects to the author-reader relationship. specifically analyzing certain rhythms and their emotional outcomes.

projects to be completed: 1) research paper, 2) Web-based sound/silent experiments, 3) poster project, and 4) final Web exhibit.

so, with these two classes, i have my work cut out. last week i built a great bibliography to feed my two papers. i'm excited to start putting together the pieces in my rhythm research.

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