05 February 2009

483A: special studies 2009: study plan.

plans changed a bit this semester. i will only be taking two classes, leaving ART 478 Studio Expanded for spring 2010. the class is super cool and will be very beneficial, but i just don't have what it takes to fulfill three demanding courses right now. besides, it will be perfect to take it along side my 500B, which is my artist intent course and will come in perfect timing to prepare for my show.

moving on... spring 2009 will consist of a special studies with Abeyta and grad problems with Wang. each course required me to devise a study plan. this blog is an introduction to what will happen (tentatively) in 483A:

overall direction: embrace design fundamentals such as the grid, deconstruction, patterns (wallpaper, etc...), patterns (flow, syntax, etc...), the time line, the study of soundwaves in the visual and the relationship between their effects and emotion.

projects to be completed: 1) research paper, 2) 45 Album artwork, 3) book, 4) logo, posters, and 5) final exhibit.

i'm exhausted just writing that down. all elements above will follow my research in context as well as content. i'm on my way to defining rhythm's role in graphic design. i'll be back soon to post the study plan for my 503A with Wang.

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