08 July 2008

480T final. summer school has ended.

our final presentation was on Wed, Jul 2 and it went extremely well. i didn't sleep the three days leading to it, but in the end, i'm very pleased with the outcome. i have to give it up for the awesome group that i was in. and all the hours were paid for with a little r&r last weekend in lake arrowhead.

along with the final presentation on Mary Kelly, i also had my final paper due. it too, was on Mary Kelly, titled, "Influences: A Choice or Not. Thoughts after a thirty-day study of Mary Kelly." the pdf is attached here.

i'll somehow try to configure the final presentation to upload onto youtube so i can share it here. it's approximately 30 mins. i did all the music for it and jessica ku created the animated flash for it. it takes a peek into some of Mary Kelly's most famous works.

and now the real summer is here — until august 25, when the fall semester begins. in the meantime, i have a couple extra-curricular projects going on that i will keep updated on this blog.

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