26 June 2008

480T update. second brief.

mary kelly. a local, conceptual contemporary artist that i've been embroiled in these last few weeks is really starting to fascinate me. i just wish her work stimulated me visually. however, her ideas are def worth noting. she's clearly a feminist, but more than a feminist, she has the ability to call to attention political issues in a very poetic kind of way. i like that.

my second brief has to do with one of her shows that is a complete departure from her normal, feminist work: masculinity. it's titled Gloria Patri (Glory be to the Father).

here is the detail on one of the shields. mary kelly is an excellent writer and unless you read her work, you can easily be lead astray of her concepts.

her concepts came from watching the persian gulf war on television and journaling in her sketchbook in the early 90's. here's the pdf of my paper.

a lot of the research that was found came from Postmasters Art Gallery. [ http://www.postmastersart.com/ ]

we will be presenting our research next wednesday. i will try to figure a way to post it here.

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