01 January 2009

breathe. eat. and sleep.

graphic design.
that's what i've been doing this past year: breathing, eating and sleeping graphic design. i'm a bit at a disadvantage not having my undergrad studies in graphic design. i missed out on art, in general, the industry of graphic design, in particular, when obtaining my BA ten years ago in communications. i find myself catching up, at rapid speeds, to be in-the-know about this industry that fascinates me. but, still have questions like what am i doing? doing—as in—an MFA in graphic design. do i belong here?

i have thoughts and inspirations that come from all over. from sculpture and public art to writing and reading. from parenting and christianity to soccer and running. these things take up a coexistence with eating, sleeping and breathing — daily life.

i often ask myself if i'm in this program seeking some sort of acceptance where normally i would never be accepted.

you can see the doubts i have. i believe this comes from lack of guidance, motivation and just plain out interest. when you're alone in something, it's hard to see the light at the end. sometimes we just need a little encouragement. will you give me some?

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