31 January 2009

spring 2009 forecast.

i made it through my first week of school and it's very clear that i have my work cut out for me. i decided to go ahead with the 500A writing class, but when i got there i discovered that the class was canceled due to lack of enrollment. so, i tried the next best thing and went to the 500B class which was unusually full because the 500A class was canceled. i couldn't get in. it was a long monday already, but i had one more hope.

there was a 483A special studies class that night (mw 7-945) and i decided to go for it. the class is full, but i proposed an alternate study plan for the semester that works towards my thesis objectives and i got in. well, not in the system yet, but i'm working on that. the professor is very open to my plan and i'm very excited about it and i feel it's crucial for my studies. i somewhat aligned the projects to go with his regular course, but i will be focusing on my research.

it's not ideal for me to have a mon-wed night class then wake up tue-thur for a morning class, but right now, i don't see a choice. i have a 503A grad problems class that i'm still trying to find "the problem" in. like the special studies, i'm on my own plan and i'm working to refine it so i can have it approved. that's what i'll do this weekend, so i can dive in come monday.

and for my third class, i'm in the creative photography building in a course called Studio Expanded (478). it's basically an installation class and i fell in love with it. i have a total interest for gallery space and public art. it's just going to be very demanding. i was inspired and encouraged by three videos we watched on the first day: Ann Hamilton, Tim Hawkinson, and Jenny Holzer, all installation artists.

so, i have the weekend to find the energy to handle all of this.

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