22 January 2009

richard turner: contempt mandala

the only gallery i had a chance to visit this winter break was csuf's grand central art center in santa ana. as usual, it was very inspiring and i'm glad i made the effort to get out of my lethargic-inducing christmas pajamas and head down there. contemporary installation artist, richard turner transformed the GCAC with Contempt Mandala. it falls into one of the elements i want to explore in my thesis. he utilizes all media, from video to sculpture. i forgot my camera so these pics are from my camera phone. i only got a few, but i wanted to be sure i got his statement as it relates to calligraphy and mandalas, one element in my three-part thesis on rhythm (more on that later).

here is a model of the casa malaparte, in the isle of capri, which is the center of his story.

here is sparkOC's review:
Contempt Mandala is a multi media installation that takes, as its point of departure, Jean Luc Godard's 1963 film Contempt. The film is about the making of a movie and the dissolution of a marriage. It simultaneously explores the creative process and the fragility of human relationships. The Buddhist mandala, a cosmic diagram, is the organizing principle of the installation.

to learn more go to http://www.contemptmandala.com

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