13 June 2008

balance 101.

between the family, primate design, little league, summer school, writing and the NBA FINALS, i haven't had much time to update project artschool. i know. i know. "no one said it was going to be easy." but, i say, why not? there are a lot of things coming down the pipe. a lot of pressure building up. and the summer is looking shorter and shorter by every late sunset. but lately i've had the opportunity to step outside of my life and look in, and man, it can't get any better. praise God for all the goodness amongst the chaos. as i see it right now, if my life wasn't so grand, i wouldn't have this ability to stop and acknowledge it — peeping in at every angle, appreciating every blessing before me. i came to this realization this morning in the dentist chair as the hygienist picked my brain. life may be full and up-to-my-neck busy, but that's because i'm always loungin'.

one thing accomplished however, is that i managed to shorten the URL to access this blog. so, welcome to www.projectartschool.com. word up.

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