15 June 2008

deadlines 101.

it seems that my working life is dictated by deadlines lately. some inevitable. most self-imposed. i guess it's a way to meet progress.

mental list of things due:
JUN 15 : design for the world's push/pull proposal (today)
JUN 16 : CUP's making public policy (tomorrow)
JUN 17 : cordelia knott's fall catalog to print.
JUN 20 : eikon's summer ad to newspaper.
JUN 21 : 480T, csuf grand central art center 2pm.
JUN 23 : 480T, mary kelly paper#2 due. (gloria patri)
JUN 24 : logo comps to seoul enterprises.
JUN 27 : create awards 2008
JUN 27 : free people's shopping bag contest
JUN 30 : logo lounge volume 5

JUN 30 : print magazine's 2009 student cover competition

JUN 30 : american graphic design awards
JUL 1 : pd blog launched.
JUL 1 : rent to landlord.

if making just one of these deadlines means progress, then i'm in good hands. and if i don't meet progress, well, then i'll be on the street, cuz rent is due.

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