02 June 2008

480T Southern California Contemporary Art

summer school is here. already. it wasn't even june and i found myself sitting in a lecture hall consuming a trail mix bar and a presentation of art history as we know it. art history, as in, all of art's history — since the beginning of documented art, to now. pretty fascinating. pretty quick.

this course will be heavy on group and light on lecture. which is an o.k. diet as long as your group is good. we have a questionnaire to fill out so the prof can determine well-balanced groups. i like that. besides getting an overview (well-needed) of art history, we will focus this summer on a southern Californian artist. we have 8 to choose from: rubén ortiz torres, georgeanne deen, liz mcgrath, susan silton, kenny scharf, jason rhodes, mary kelly, or shepard fairy. in the end, our group will give a 40-50 minute presentation on our selected artist or topic related to the artist. the questionnaire asks to list your top 3. i have yet to choose.

i have no idea why i scanned the questionnaire, but here it is.

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