18 September 2008

483A logo. round 1.

(close to) a million thumbnails for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago Applicant City logo. after getting into different concepts and techniques for the logo, i found myself in a tornado of ideas with no more time. i didn't create as many thumbnails as i was supposed to due to time running away shamelessly, but the process opened up a lot of doors in which i plan on refining for round 2 (coming next week).

below is a gang of ideas that, quite frankly, did not derive from my indexical list (from my first blog post on this logo ://here.), but just evolved out of my thoughts about the subject. i plan on taking the good information from the indexical list and my musings from this round 1 and creating another (close to) million thumbs.

first, this is the existing logo. the one to beat.

other than sketching out pencil thumbnails, the techniques i used varied. from exploring scanned texture like denim, because i feel there is a working-class, factory-based history in chicago, to experimenting with ink — blots, spats, strokes, and tested different textures with "olympic-" color guaches. in round 1 i also show some researched architecture elements. my next round will include some destructivist design of the famous landmarks in milliennium park. for now, here is round 1:

i told you there were close to a million...