25 September 2008

483A logo. round 2.

CHICAGO 2016. this is a continuation from the logo round 1 blog. i explored a few more techniques and popped out a few more concepts. this time was nowhere near (close to) a million thumbnails, but i feel i have some solid direction now. round 3 will be difficult narrowing the comps down, yet enlightening because i'll do color studies to give the logo a better sense of feeling rather than the current "rainbow" colors taken from the rings...

in round 2 i focused on 3 types of logos drawn from round 1: wind-related, torch flame/skyline, and architecture (millennium park's Jay Pritzker Pavilion, in particular). i experimented with deconstructivism for the first time and with watercolor and cut paper — a technique i never would have used for a logo, maybe only a background for a brochure or something, and i actually think they came out the best. mainly because the colors were soft and that made the marks feel more real.

in the end, i'm not sure watercolor will work as a vector that can be placed on everything from outdoor boards to coke cans. but i discovered some new concepts nonetheless:

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