08 September 2008

a logo. it's process. and 483A.

a logo.
in special studies our first assignment is a logo. i believe i may be the only grad student in this class but the professor feels i should go along with the regular projects that the course offers. and i'm cool with that. most students seem to be brainstorming self-identity marks, while i feel like i'm working towards a goal that is way out-of-reach: a mark for a 2016 Olympic Host City Candidate, Chicago.

it's process.
we were asked to review the numerous logos in Color Management for Logos and jot down the many many techniques used to create these logos. i stumbled upon 100 or so, mostly b.s. techniques like "shape, collage, and continuous-tone" and a few solid techniques like "gestault, substitution, and typographic anatomy." we are to apply these techniques to a list of the subject's attributes based on three categories: icon, symbol, and index.


process? this is a sneak peak inside my head.

defining the three categories.

i've never gone through a process like this before to create a logo and it's my hope that, once everything is said and done, i will have a unique mark that doesn't look anything like the many many logos i reviewed in the before mentioned book. in addition to this assignment, i've enjoyed the recent article in GD USA magazine regarding the latest trends in logo design //:here.

the next step is to take my matched up techniques and attributes and create close-to-a-million sketches. coming soon...

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