02 November 2008

history of graphic design: essay four.

essay four was just plain great. it's too bad i completely forgot about it until 2 hours before my write-up was due. "Human Dignity and Human Rights: Thoughts on the principles of human-centered design" by Richard Buchanan was a good read, but unlike the previous three essays, i didn't have a chance to really dwell in the message. >over coffee. >in a park somewhere. i typed my response directly into the computer. printed. and ran.

the essay struck up good conversation in class... everything from outsourcing jobs overseas to intelligent design. human-centered-ness is huge within the design sphere. otherwise, it's just form. and form is nothing without content. and content is what speaks to the people. ethics were also raised when the professor reiterated that it's not ethical design producing people but rather ethical people producing graphic design. i thought that was pretty cool.

this essay goes beyond ellen lupton's essay, "birth of the user" as it really calls for the need to have substance, not just usability, or aesthetic, in order to trigger human worth.

i'm blogged out for this weekend. good night. the pdf is //:here.

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