13 November 2008

textbook... subscriptions.

yeah, that's it... my subscriptions are textbooks. i see the envy in my wife's eyes everytime a new publication comes in the mail. and my justification is that they keep me abreast of the latest in my industry. it just so happens that design pubs are a little pricey. but in the end, i gain lots of knowledge and inspiration from each book, plus they're all write-offs. subscribing to publications is actually the best textbook and i'll probably recommend/require them one day when i'm a gray-bearded professor. being in a readily exposed contemporary culture with many new ways of learning, they're a win-win — the text that keeps on giving. currently i subscribe to these pubs:

Print, HOW, CommArts, eye, ID and 2wice.
kristy gets cottage living, and some parenting ones.
while we both enjoy westways and the la times. in addition to those are the freebies, which are always a pleasure: freepeople, UO, and anthropologie catalogs, GDUSA and the fullerton observer.

life is good. and our mail box must loves us.

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