30 November 2008

483A packaging. final product.

the Chicago 2016 Olympic Games welcome package consists of a customized/interactive brochure/ticket holder. it opens to an athlete running with the word RUN with custom typography. you pull up on the tab to raise the tower with the word RISE in the same type, revealing the ticket slot and a tab that works with the word chicago. you pull the GO tab to reveal the Chicago welcome letter and pull the insert all the way out to have the venue instructions on the back. i think the pictures tell the story:

to see the process of this project, check out the previous blogs:
concept (original words - rise and go).
mock-ups (3D folding fun).
finishing techniques.

all i have left now is to create a couple promo items to go along with this package. stickers, a poster, a t-shirt... still in the works.

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