29 November 2008

483A packaging. finishing techniques.

the next stage of my Chicago 2016 packing project was to experiment with the metallic paper and various finishing techniques. this is a continuation of 483A packaging found ://here. i measured and made my own dies and printed them on SHINE paper and explored blind deboss, spot varnish and raised gloss emboss. all seemed to become a disaster.

first off, printing color on the metallic paper completely saturated the colors — so much, that after multiple test prints, it changed my concept.

i decided to use only a monochromatic design on the metallic paper. most of the framework to my package was in the metallic paper, and it resulted in a clean and classy look. below are my dies for the top-opening envelope, the backs of the tickets and the main welcome brochure/ticket holder.

but, i wasn't happy with my monochrome choice. it came out too green, so i added a little bit of magenta to give it a richer look.

the extra finishing techniques weren't working. they need to be perfect, so i decided to abandon them after my experiments. the blind deboss was done with a tool from michaels. i can't draw perfect circles so that idea was trashed.

the next attempt was to use embossing powder with a slow-drying ink (versa mark). in order to "better" my hand-drawn circles, i found a stamp with perfect circles. they had little graphics on the inside, so i cut them out to make just the rings. i stamped it, powdered it, heat gun dried it, and it looked like poo. i couldn't create the perfect rings, so, that too, was trashed.

now, i'm on to finishing this month long project. stay tuned for the final product.

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