27 May 2008

483A (logo and letterhead...)

the last project in special studies was to solve an identity problem for an acupuncture/fertility center in arizona. i researched a bit and explored using dots in the logomark to signify the pressure points used during acupuncture, but it wasn't really working.

that's when i realized i just needed a clean type face. i combo'd some marks and type to still realize that i wasn't solving the problem. i was enjoying the "drip/flame" mark but the idea in my head wasn't reading well on paper. and the "flower" mark represents sperm surrounding an egg by using a series of the letter "i" in a circle. it seemed too feminine if the center wanted to attract more than fertility clientele. i chose to go with a more subtle, relaxing feel.

after laying out my third round of stationery i feel i'm almost there, but i still have some work...

here's the LATEST logo treatment. i think i'm starting to like it. the "u" can be interpreted in many different ways. i like that it's embracing the "body-shaped wave" but it can also signify the penetration of this therapy. i chose soft colors because it's medical and mainly fertility-based. i avoided using any needles and as an end result, i feel it displays a calm, cool and inviting atmosphere.

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