31 October 2008

483A packaging. paper mock-ups.

after the exhausted lists of descriptive multi-meaning words, i took them to brainstorm ideas for the functionality and dimensionality of the mailer. keeping in mind that this has to be flat and at a finished size suitable for postage, i made paper mock-ups. most of my ideas have most likely been used in children's pop-up books. i like the interactivity of a pop-up or slider because it adds another dimension to such a flat piece. it also tends to bring the value of the piece up and makes it more of collector's item rather than a piece of everyday mail.

i know there is just a lot of folded white paper here, but this process helps with the form and structure of the final pieces. it will make a lot more sense as things get formalized.

i'm also pretty stuck on the SHINE stock by Reich Paper. here are some samples. i like the feel of it plus the metallic shimmer gives me an industrial look but with a touch of class which portrays my concept perfectly... "rise to the gold medal." pride. prestigious. performance.

come back soon to see how everything unfolds.

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