10 December 2008

483A poster. final.

the final product for the chicago 2016 promotional poster. i stuck with the typographic configuration from one of the computer comps as well as the diverse organic vertical stripes. i decided to minimize the RISE by creating a tag line with it below the logo: "The World is Watching. Rise." while maximizing the GO leading into the copy block making it the theme for the series of athlete posters. Rather than spelling out RISE real big, i went with symbolism in the imagery and graphics. the athletes represent victory and move your eye towards the logo in the upper right, while the colorful stripes cap off the top and bottom of the poster vertically — metaphorically saying RISE. to soften it, i went with a less-industrial, serif font for all supporting copy and i alternated the color in the stripes for each of the posters keeping a congruency but also mixing things up subtly. i also muted the colors slightly along with the off-white paper giving it an over all vintage feeling. i'm happy with it especially since it still works with the somewhat "standard" colors in the logo...

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