05 December 2008

brion gysin: introduction.

brion gysin's life is a work of art as i'm quickly discovering. i found myself engulfed in it my entire thanksgiving break. i couldn't get my nose out of José Férez Kuri's book, Brion Gysin: Tuning in to the Multimedia Age and John Geiger's Chapel of Extreme Experience...

i'm studying poetic styles as the beginning research for my thesis. that lead me to the "cut-up," in which william s. burroughs gave gysin 100% credit for. burroughs is famous for his cut-ups and it seems brion gysin was the unsung hero for them as well as in numerous other disciplines.

he was a painter and poet, and expressed himself through other outlets like performance, calligraphy, collage, writing (novels) and sound poetry. this is the reason why i suddenly became heavily interested in him over burroughs. not discounting burroughs, just got way into gysin at the moment. as you can see by the books i recently bought about and by him:

some highlights i found thus far are his cut up poems and roller poems that manifested out of the Beat Hotel with burroughs in the 60's:

his calligraphic paintings are inspired from his time (25 years) in Tangier, Morocco:

and here are samples of his early paintings inspired by his time in the sahara desert. other paintings (not posted here) have a lot of explanation to time and space relationship:

this stuff is heavy, and very inspiring to me.

furthermore, and completely off that track, he helped devise the "Dreamachine," a flicker-induced stroboscopic light that, when looking at it with eyes closed, can cause the effects of hallucination. more on that later. and more on him, too. can gysin's life get any more interesting? this is powerful.

for artists' books (448) class we had to do a quickie artist report on an artist that influences us. guess who i picked? yeah. the pdf is ://here.

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