04 December 2008

history of graphic design: essay six.

the final write-up of six. "Graphic Fantasies: Relections in the Glass Ceiling" by Véronique Vienne seemed like a women's lib essay from the beginning, but turned out not to be completely gender-focused, but more of a generation analysis. Vienne makes it clear that the next generation of designers is much less cautious of conflict and will express freely without hesitance compared to the older generation. She speaks from a woman's perspective, but in a very dry, to-the-point, guy-tone. Again, another thought-provoking essay that had me questioning everything all the way through. Bouncing back and forth between the stances: young, old, male, female...

whatever way it goes, graphic design needs to look through the glass with only using the reflection as reference.

my pdf ://here.

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