01 December 2008

chip kidd: video presented by dwell

"the next step for graphic designers is to figure out how to meaningfully generate their own content...whether it's a book...music...a film...or whatever...it's the natural growth...rather than just strictly working for a client." —chip kidd


i'm in school now not to learn how to please clients. i'm not here to better my portfolio. or to add to my resume. i'm here to discover my own art.

in 3 short weeks i will discontinue any undergrad projects and in the days to come, i will focus solely on my thesis. it will mostly be very dense the next year as i research and write, research and write. but when the time comes to experiment, it's going to be explosive. a hint on what will be involved is: poetry, cut ups, dreams, kaleidoscopes, visual structure, and blowing my own mind.

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