09 December 2008

483A poster. concepts. process.

the final stages of my Chicago 2016 campaign are wrapped up with some promotional goods starting with a poster. i started to go through a process that we learned called distortion: using descriptive terminology. my results don't necessarily reflect the process because, unlike the logo, i strayed from the protocol and just followed my intuition. mainly because i didn't draw any blanks to where i needed a stimulating exercise to gather ideas and also because the nature of the subject (olympics) — with a set color palette and a call for clean communication — i opted to just deliver a consistent poster that fit the theme of my packaging.

i did, however, start with a descriptive terminology exercise. but since i explored terms that weren't new, it didn't really expand my range of already-thought-out processes. i continued to dissect the words GO and RISE — basically my theme for this campaign. the distortion process starts with taking the definitions of the select terms and experimenting with them by adding Simile, Irony, and Parody. and from there applying a technique for final application.

i chose to just sketch out what was in my head and later translate the ideas into the computer...

another part of my research was to find any previous olympic posters from chicago and perhaps mimic (parody) or borrow from the style. since there has never been an olympics there, the closest thing to it was the 3rd ever modern olympic games in 1904, st. louis. the games were actually intended to be in chicago but since the world's fair was to be held at the same time in st. louis, officials feared a conflict and low attendance so they mashed them together. both the olympics and the world's fair were held simultaneously in st. louis on Teddy Roosevelt's decision. (source) now, since there wasn't much to go from, i opted out on that whole idea.

some other research and fun was watching these videos on WHY chicago should be THE city...

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