19 May 2008

413 History of Contemporary Art

this was the first art history class i've ever taken in my life. i know, i know, how did i ever make it this far... as many of the undergrads i met dreaded this course, i took a liking to it because everything was new to me and completely fascinating. i just wish i had more room in my schedule to dedicate to all the reading.

being that is a contemporary art survey, each subject we studied was open to interpretation. i enjoyed that as much as it confused me. i never knew whether to take note of another's opinion or not, fearing it's opposition to the artist's interpretation.

in the end, i really learned a lot, became familiar with the major artists and movements post-1945, and will certainly use the articles that Professor Davidson assigned as references for future research.

here's a pdf link to my mid-term paper analyzing the California Department of Corrections (click), a political art organization that "corrected" outdoor advertising boards to make a statement on governmental issues. this is my kind of art.

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