19 May 2008

487D Printmaking

i love to get dirty. fingernails. forearms. elbows. the waist ring line of my t-shirt. again, i wish i had more time to dedicate to doing so. i didn't learn as many processes as i had wished in printmaking for many reasons but the cool thing is i got a foundation for etching and lithography — something every graphic designer should know. as my projects' end-results were super-novice, super-duper-novice, i still enjoyed this course and one summer would love to just fully commit to it. the word for the semester: experimental. here are some of the projects i did:

lazertrans lettering on a medium that couldn't be put through a press. i wanted to really utilize the medium so i used both sides of the shutter, kind of like a tri-vision outdoor board. (ok, bi-vision, or multi-message, whatever...) i'd still like to stain it or frame it by installing it into a piece of drywall, dunno...

creatas aquasticks printed on printmaking paper. original photo posterized and printed on lazertrans. decoupage matte medium over monoprint.

EIKON - positive
monotype print over reversed yupo stencil. original logotype. created embossed effect.

EIKON - negative
etched plate. monotype. yupo stencil. litho print. on printmaking paper.

etched "brick" pattern on plexglass. monotype printed still life. one run through press on heavy printmaking paper. below it is the etched plate.

original photo. original poem. litho print. experimented with black and red ink. i didn't bake the plate long enough and when i went to clean it, it sorta rubbed off. woops.

Random lithos, decoupage-action, ghostprints and other printmakesque type o thangs.

ribbed cardboard used as litho plate over rolled red ink. lazertrans heart. on parchment paper. old dairy label attached.

litho print on paper bag.

- - - - - - -
ok, so i never said i was good at it.

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