17 May 2008

how. the statement of purpose.

that first blog was a test. i guess it worked. now i must begin to document my journey through the m.f.a. program. the only problem is — i'm already behind. it's mid-may and my journey started last year mid-october. there will be a plethora of posts this week, beginning with this one (how it started) to the present day. i plan on staying current from there. thanks for stopping by.
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below is my Statement of Purpose submitted to the graduate committee. And below that is the portfolio i sent along.

7 October 2007

Dear Art Committee:

Today, I am an art director for a midsize advertising agency. It’s where I spend my days. My work ethic sets standards while my smile penetrates the mundane. But, it’s tomorrow that matters to me most. A new commitment is in order.

I’ve always had a strange love for identifying the typefaces used in many household logos. In my youth, I would create a font every time I wrote my name. I obsessed with kerning before I even knew what kerning was. Then, it was things like lining up my Hot Wheels and color-coordinating the clothes in my closet that revealed my passion for design. That discovered-passion for visual organization, the details and aesthetics lead the way to winning the 1986 Book Fair Poster Contest at Walnut Elementary. That was in the 5th grade. And it’s been brewing within me ever since.

As a student in the CSUF Communications Department, my emphasis was Advertising, but my heart was somewhere else. While attending the Art Center College of Design at night, I learned that great advertising starts with a sketchbook and a pen. I was formally introduced to graphic design while studying abroad in London, where my eyes were opened to a whole new world. Returning from overseas, I became the Publications Director for the Ad Club on campus and got my opportunity to design the club’s newsletter. During my senior year, I took an internship with McMullen Argus Publishing (now Primedia). It was then I knew for certain that I was a designer.

My first job out of college was at a four-man marketing firm that serviced automotive clients. After two years of dabbling in what I thought was design, I returned to Cal State
Fullerton, this time for a second Bachelor’s in a field where I belonged — Graphic Design. Simultaneously, I picked up a part-time graphic artist position at Graphic Services in the Titan Student Union underground. There I was honored with the privilege of creating the Titan Shuttle logo, signage and promotional materials. Shortly thereafter, my wife and I found out that we were starting a family. The joyous surprise put my studies, and opportunities to work with Theron Moore and John Drew, on hold.

I was hired at PacifiCare Dental, a nice salary job, where I learned the corporate structure and was responsible for the overall design and branding initiatives for three target markets. After two years there, I decided to branch out on my own and opened a little graphic design shop in Fullerton. I serviced numerous local businesses like the Cordelia Knott Center for Wellness and contracted for agencies that trusted me with their national accounts such as McDonald’s and Verizon Wireless.

Even after all these years, the advertising industry does not satisfy my hunger for design. I need to learn. I want to grow. I desire to teach. I constantly thirst for more. I’m ready to commit myself to being the best designer possible, while continuing to be a student of life. It’s the only evolution I see.

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here are some snapshots of the physical portfolio that i made from scratch (first self-binding job ever!). the full portfolio can be viewed online. brianprince.com/MFA.

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