17 May 2008

why. the acceptance.

it's baffling how a simple piece of paper can change someone's life.

in my case, this letter, dated november 30, 2007, came in the mail and instigated more than physical change, but emotional change too. i was battling with the "right and wrong" thing to do. accepting would mean the loss of my cushy corner-office job, health benefits, a matching 401K, steady income to support my family, expensed trips to bentonville, arkansas (ha!), and an hour commute on the 5 freeway, everyday. i guess you can say my hate for the commute won.

i was one of three accepted into the MFA program this year. a program that i longed for. a program with a lot of sacrifice attached to it. but, surely, a program worth it all. so i gave notice at my job and gave a shot at a complete life change.

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