17 May 2008

spring 2008. you mean...

art students have to write a thesis too? and what do you mean i have to make up my own study plan? once i registered for classes this spring 2008, i realized i was in for some brain exercise. don't get me wrong, i love it, it's just when i think of school i relate it to my undergrad degree from the school of communications. a.k.a. the walk in the park.

it's a bit of a culture shock coming back to school after ten years. to get my feet wet this first semester, i took classes without any real intentions towards my final thesis. and quite frankly, i still don't have my goals nailed down. my purpose still seems a little cloudy. or windy. or whatever. this summer will be my deep-thinking-reading-researching, get-on-track-and-figure-out-what-i'm-doing time. i have a lot of broad ideas, but need a specific topic before diving in.

ok, since this blog is also a chronology of my "study plan," i need to include some legalistics (is that a word?).

ART 413 - Davidson - History of Contemporary Art
ART 483A - Moore - Special Studies, Graphic Design
ART 483E - Wang - Web Design
ART 487D - Gray - Printmaking

ok now for the fun stuff, i'll be posting my progress in each class. stay tuned.

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