20 May 2008

483A (shopping bag...)

in special studies we were assigned a shopping bag to design. my concept was to have a bag that would go beyond carrying goods from the store to home. it would be a bag that would get some use in a way that is often viewed as negative. viewed as dangerous. we are taught to not put bags on our head as children in fear of suffocation. and as an adult we perceive it as being ugly, or in hiding.

my concept was for a toy store/discovery center.
my first comps (dinosaur, monkey and frog) we're frowned upon because i didn't create the imagery, so i decided to paint my own picture (astronaut) and produce the entire concept myself, rather than searching for the right illustrator. regardless of the execution, concept is king.

round 1 (Discovery Science Store)

round 2 (TreeHouse Toys) an eco-friendly toystore.

character illustrations by Sam Ward.

this concept also had a hang tag with instructions on how to make your own binoculars.

round 3 (ToySpace. A Place for Imagination) an educational toystore.

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