08 October 2008

483A logo. round 4. semi-finalized.

today we turned in our process books for the logo and some clean final prints of our best. next project is packaging, but i'll be doing a direct mail piece about the olympics because i wanted to continue my theme. i will, however, make it 3-d in some sort by way of it opening into a pop-up or with creating an element of surprise by unfolding, pulling, etc...

below are pics of my final mid-semester logo work. i was encouraged to continue refining my mark, so down the road i'm sure i'll blog the final for this project. the direction i got was to simplify some of the clutter in my deconstructive logos...

here are 80 logos that didn't make my final four cut.

here are my final four.

here's my process book with everything.

the process book covers approx. a month's worth of work.

everything from my indexical list to experimental brush strokes and textures.

i'll blog later about our next project. we already started the brainstorm process. again, we use words as a starting point to concept the design. i'm beginning to like this because i love words and always found myself concepting that way when i lived my agency life.

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