22 October 2008

topic outline (proposal).

i've been writing down a lot of ideas and im not sure they make sense... yet. i plan on continuing to write and read and rewrite and eventually find something solid to chew on for the next stage of my life. so far, it looks like i'll explore poetry paradigm (from previous blog), i just have to find a new name for it because i'm finding that people are turned off by the word poetry.

- - - - -

here is rough outline as a basis for my thinking, step two of the refining process: topic outline (very rough initial thought).

topic summary and rationale -
creative outlets are inevetibly bound for reincarnaiton, creating and leading to some kind of formula. formulas require a process and, in time, the formation of a process is recorded. this will be a graphic design experiment. can the formulas that make great written poetry make up a new dicipline when applied to design?

I. resistance (the pre-research required) -
A. define poetry. define design. define graphic design.
B. what forms of poetry are worthy of experiment?
C. who accepts a formal style of poetry into the classification of literature?
1. as with design, in visual communication?
D. what renders a formal style of poetry to be noted worthy/unworthy?
1. who translates it?
E. how far back does poetry go? how about design?
F. what are the similarities between poetry and design?
1. the differences?

II. delimitations -
A. this is not a literary experiment — poetic paradigms will researched, referenced and used as a process template.
B. writing new or extending the field of poetry is not included.
C. designing poetry is irrelevant.

III. antecedents/precedents -
A. as of now, i cannot recall this ever being done before. with initial research, the following knowledge with come:
1. experimental – dada, perhaps?
2. theoretical – notions behind literary and design movements?
3. authoritative – socially driven?

IV. experiments -
A. define procedures within formal poetry.
1. i’m defining formal poetry as established styles/forms that have been repeated throughout history.
B. apply exact techiques step by step.
C. combine and apply different techiques creating new procedures.
D. record everything (people/books/places) including the steps, with explanations, of all procedures.

projected conclusion -
poetry is more than words and design is more than images. there are methods of order, structure and expression behind each work and shared by both genres. but what will be discovered is the synergy between each creative outlet’s structure with one another. and ultimately a new design dicipline. for better. or worse.

- - - - -

i know this needs to be taken a few steps further, so i will be meeting with my advisors this week as well as some other faculty related to the subject to discuss if i'm even coming close to something worthy of study. i just hope i can pull it off. fingers crossed.

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