29 October 2008

483A packaging. concept.

alas, i get around to this post. Chicago 2016 admission/welcome kit (contains a welcome to chicago letter, points of interest reference, and tickets to respective events). the next stage for the olympic assignment lead into this 3-D/interactive mailer of sorts. it's been in the works for a few weeks now, i just need to take some digi's of my progress.

the concepting began with words again. i love words. the object is to find a multi-meaning word and dissect the guts out of it. the word that fits best is RISE. it describes sport, the city of chicago and national pride to me. so from there, i twisted it, turned it, opened it, closed it, chewed it, spit on it, you name it...

beyond the word, RISE, i felt i needed another word for support. i took my second choice, GO, and went through the same process. i also like the word GO because it's a part of chicaGO... both words are actions too, which i think is appropriate for an olympic games.

all together i found myself thinking of possibilities that i probably would not have thought of without this word exploration. also involved in my concepting was paper choice (so far, SHINE, from my friends at http://www.reichpaper.com fits my concept best) and a few finishing techniques (still undetermined).

stayed tuned for the progress.

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