27 October 2008

Wiley design challenge.

Wiley is a publisher of books on Adobe's products. This particular contest called for a cover design for the book, Photoshop for Right-Brainers: The art of photo manipulation by al ward. i'm not quite sure why i did this except for the fact that i was taking a break from an intense freelance job and came across it on the Web. i literally read the rules and designed it on the spot. i used some of the textures i had scanned for a version of my freelance job that wasn't approved. but i don't think i would ever buy this book in the first place...so why did i do this again? weird.

photoshop-mastery isn't necessarily a huge interest for me because i'm not into photoshop tricks and such. it's a mystery why i would even attempt to enter this type of battle ground.

because, ultimately, concept is king.
and, there you have it.

here's a link to the contest. if you roll over the right side of the photo, there's a green thumbs up - use it to rank my cover. make a comment on it too! shoot, you could even rate it with 5 stars...

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